The Unique Approach

Self knowledge along with deeper understanding of the growing human being, gives parents the tools, insight and capacities that nourish meaningful parent child relationships and support their child's growth and well being.

Family life becomes enlivened and renewed through this transformative process.

Through class cohorts our program combines the cultivation of presence and elevated cognitive capacities with the wisdom and research of child and human development. Classes renew the parent role, enrich the experience of family life, as well as providing holistic outcomes for one's children.

  • Two Series
  • 6 classes in each series
  • cohorts meet monthly
  • 2 hour classes
  • One on one individual parent mentoring
  • Tailored School and Community workshops Available

Exploring each topic allows participants to uncover their deepest wishes for their children and for their lifetime as parents. Ideas brought in classes open the door to bring one's unique qualities to the homefront and become authors of their own parenting journey.

Session I : Objective Observation and Suspension of Attention
Learn how practicing Suspension of Attention will anchor parenting interactions, open new possibilities in family life, and balance challenging parent moments. Explore the concept and practice of Self-Observation and Objective Observation of your child. We will discuss levels of perception, and how these practices increase understanding and better enable one to meet and attune to their child in the moment.

Session II : Phases of Development
This class will integrate theories for the stages and phases of human development. Knowledge of child development brings insight of the developing human being including the body, feeling life and mind of your child. Understanding how the human life unfolds and develops creates a compass for the parent journey. Exploring these phases and their lifelong impact will also give parents a deeper understanding of
their own biographies.

Session III : Past and Present
Research has shown that an awareness and integration of a parent’s own childhood dynamics and narrative can free them and their children from the tendency to re-live the past into present moment family interactions. In this class parents will begin to recognize and understand how their histories may be
playing out in their current family dynamics and learn how to support the process of moving out of the past and into the present moment.

Session IV : Responding and Reacting
Reactions take us away from our ideals and often create the situation we were trying to avoid. Learn how to move from reaction to response using the knowledge of Cognitive Levels, the STOP method and Suspension of Attention. This class will also explore how to manage your child’s reactions grounded in
loving attention and child development appropriate responses.

Session V : Preparation for Life
We will examine together the wish and complexities of supporting our children to be prepared for a meaningful, balanced and healthy future life. The “shoulds” from society will be juxtaposed with the question of meaning, happiness, and practical needs. How do we support the physical, emotional, social, creative, practical and higher thinking development of children? How do we prepare them to move through real difficulties and reach for a fulfilling life?

Session VI : Awakening to Family Life
We will explore old concepts in new ways when we talk about “quality time” “rhythm” or “family traditions”. This class will begin building a picture of how to move into family life with authenticity and in a way that nourishes both the parent and child. How can we gain inspiration from family life and
interactions in spite of the busy and sometimes frustrating demands of our modern adult lives.

Session VII : Imitation, Modeling, and Archetypes
Learning, empathy, habits and attitudes are born out of imitation. This class looks at how different models and archetypes in our lives have and do influence us to rise up to new possibilities and capacities we may not have known we were capable of. Also explored are tools for intention and awareness in parent child interactions to give our child the possibility for more freedom and flexibility in the ways in which they carry out their own lives.

Session VIII : Co-Parenting and Community
This class engages how we as parents manage the differences, opportunities and challenges in parenting styles between couples, friends, family members, teachers and other important people in our lives and in our children’s lives in order to best guide and support them. Conflict resolution, dialectic, and
mindfulness/awareness practices will be introduced as the supporting pillars for helping to us to navigate ups and downs in interactions and model a healthy social life for our children.

Session IX: Navigating Negativity; Defenses, Negative Emotions, and Reconnection
This Class will explore how our defenses, which were necessary for our survival, now keep us from experiencing and relating to our children in the present, and even create ruptures in our relationships. We will explore how to navigate both the negative emotions of ourselves and our children while moving towards fresh attitudes and towards connection. We will explore how to support our children in overcoming difficulty and frustration.

Session X : Balancing Boundaries and Flexibility; Guidance and Discipline
Session 9 explores the balance of boundaries and flexibility and of guidance and discipline. There are many moments where as parents we are in question as to which is needed now a boundary or flexibility? Also explored are age appropriate approaches to guiding our children and approaching the many
questions around discipline.

Session XI : Vulnerability and Strength
Parents, when in conflict with their child, can become very rigid and defensive creating a disconnection in the relationship. This session will explore how being vulnerable with one’s own deeper feelings behind the situation can lead to authenticity, self-understanding, understanding of the other and real strength to
take appropriate action to guide our children with intent, care and love. We will also explore discerning and supporting these qualities in our children.

Session XII : Building Resilience; Challenges, Healing, and Growth
Resilience has been shown to be an important quality in regards to psychological health, positively affecting many aspects of a person’s life. This class explores how challenges, disappointments, and even more traumatic events in the lives of ourselves or our children can be met with an appropriate support leading to healing, growth, and greater strength.

Individualized mentoring offers tailored support for your children’s unique temperament, stage of development and your unique family system and circumstances. During these sessions our mentors facilitate deeper awareness of your nuclear and extended family dynamic. They offer supportive practices, approaches and pertinent developmental resources. 

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Through the Pathwise Parenting class, I feel that I have developed a better understanding of my teens’ real needs and feelings. I have become more patient and understanding of their circumstances.  In challenging moments I have learned to pause and reflect on how my past and emotional state will affect my interaction with my children. I believe I am becoming a better parent with Pathwise Parenting and strongly recommend this class to parents with children of all ages.

France Perron, Parent of 2 teens


Pathwise parenting help us to clarify and better understand what really matters to us as parents. Today there are so many external pressures that sometimes compete or conflict with what we believe is most important about family life. Pathwise helped us see these pressures more clearly and by learning and experiencing together in a group of people working towards like goals we also realized that our challenges are shared by others. Experiencing this commonality, sharing our story and listening to others, opened our awareness and restored some of the giving energy that parenting naturally requires. 

Shaun and Gentle, Parents of 4 children