Awakening to Family Life

Pathwise Parenting cultivates presence and connection in our lives as parents and reawakens meaning within our families.

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The Parenting Journey

We welcome you to discover the unique and mindful approach Pathwise Parenting offers to support parents wishing to enrich family life. Together parents explore common and unique questions in cohorts through Socratic dialogue, opening new avenues of thought, feeling, and action.

Our program introduces and deepens knowledge of human growth and development. Simultaneously our classes cultivate practices in presence, reflection, and self-awareness that promote higher cognitive capacities. Through this integrated approach, Pathwise Parenting informs and empowers us to create connection and fulfillment in our lives as parents and for our families.

- Jennifer and Joleen


Through the Pathwise Parenting class, I feel that I have developed a better understanding of my teens’ real needs and feelings. I have become more patient and understanding of their circumstances.  In challenging moments I have learned to pause and reflect on how my past and emotional state will affect my interaction with my children. I believe I am becoming a better parent with Pathwise Parenting and strongly recommend this class to parents with children of all ages.

France Perron, Parent of 2 teens


Pathwise parenting help us to clarify and better understand what really matters to us as parents. Today there are so many external pressures that sometimes compete or conflict with what we believe is most important about family life. Pathwise helped us see these pressures more clearly and by learning and experiencing together in a group of people working towards like goals we also realized that our challenges are shared by others. Experiencing this commonality, sharing our story and listening to others, opened our awareness and restored some of the giving energy that parenting naturally requires. 

Shaun and Gentle, Parents of 4 children